Google Adwords and an attempt at BPM

Google Adwords is a marketing tool that helps website owners to direct specific Google searches to their site.  As we covered in our midterm last semester, a Google search (or a Yahoo or Bing search) creates a page with two types of results: search results based on the search utility’s algorithm of what is most relevant to the user and the paid advertisements that relate to the search.  Google Adwords allows the user to set up campaigns in which the ads are designed by the user and then associated with keywords.  The user designated a budget for the month as well as an amount they are willing to pay per click on the ad.  When a search user types in one of the keywords, the ad is in the mix of ads available to be displayed.  Based on the budget and per click numbers, the ad is displayed at a varying frequency.

Adwords can be most effectively used in conjunction with their Keywords tool.  Keywords are, well, key.  Who cares if you are top rated in the search for peanut sculptures if no one actually searches for peanut sculptures?  This tool helps the user find both quality and quantity in their keyword base.  While no data may be available for peanut sculptures, there might be a significant amount of people looking for quirky art and unique sculpture and pop art.

Here you can see my first attempt at BPM….


2 responses to “Google Adwords and an attempt at BPM

  1. This looks really good. You should consider posting it to Scribed and embedding it that way.

  2. I love process modeling. Yours looks so much more detailed than mine. 🙂

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