another way of looking at technology

What I like about the iPhone is all of the preposterous things that are promoted through its apps.  I like that they crack me up, I think “that’s preposterous” and then, it actually does work….sometimes.  Can we say ocarina?  But we all saw the wonders of an electronic wind instrument.  So I won’t repeat that.

Cry TranslatorToday, I saw the Cry Translator.  It is an iPhone app that is supposed to listen to a baby’s cry, interpret it and then provide you with some resolution suggestions.  The website says that scientific tests have shown that it is 96% effective.  It is priced at $9.99 for a limited time and will soon be $29.99.  The news story that is linked above on the other hand has a mom and her baby to test the capabilities.  If you don’t have time to listen to it, here is the gist: the baby cries, the translator give a verdict, and the mom laughs and provides the real translation.  So, maybe it isn’t a hit.  But, hey, dare to dream.

This dare-to-dream, think-out-of-the-box theme isn’t just limited to the iPhone, it is a concept that is to be applied to www business in general.  Today, I saw a lower cost option for having an interior designer decorate a room of your house.  For a percentage of the cost of having an interior designer come revamp a room, you can e-decorate.  This is done by e-mailing the designer a picture of your room along with an idea of the feel you want.  They can then send you pictures of the concepts they recommend with pictures, prices and links to your new couch and lamps along with the outline of where to place them.

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