iPhone v Android

So as we discussed the other day in class, everyone is chasing the market of the iPhone,  which is funny because I just listened to a story that said that it doesn’t actually have the lead in market share.  They neglected to mention what the market leader is….Blackberry maybe?  Anyway, the latest and greatest contender is the Android.  Now frankly the Android and the iPhone are pretty similar.  So, I’ll just focus on the differences.
Added Pros of the iPhone
  • It is cool.  Let’s face it.  That is a big deal….a really big deal.
  • The iPhone has more gaming stuff available.
Added Pros of the Android
  • The Droid has a superior camera.
  • Increased personalization (hmm, vague?  I thought so too, but haven’t come up with much on this yet)
  • Able to multi-task
This was brought up in class and the question was asked, “Do you find that you miss the ability to multitask?”  For some reason I didn’t answer.  But I will now.  Yes.  Here is when:
· When I want to use my All Recipes.com app to add items to my grocery list app.  I have to remember the ingredients, close the app, open the grocery app, add the groceries, close the grocery app, go back to the All Recipe app to get the ones I forgot, close it again, open the grocery app…very annoying.
· Anytime I am using an app that requires a password and forget something outside the app, a similar process ensues except with the added frustration of logging in again.
· Pandora – This was covered in class.
  • The deal breaker – The Droid comes with the Verizon network.  AT&T and Verizon just aren’t comparable.  The one thing that has been repeatedly thrown in my face ever since I switched to AT&T is all of the places where I no longer have service.  The most notable one is my home town….my home county in fact.  That is where my husband is right now….meaning that to talk to each other he uses the phones of friends and family that have Verizon while he is up there.
So, for me, what it comes down to is that while I do really enjoy my iPhone (seriously addicting)….it is supposed to be first and foremost a phone.  It is 9:30 at night and my husband is out of town.  I sure would like to chat that fellow as he drives back to my folks place after having dinner with his sister.  Hmm, if only he had a device, a small phone, something pocket sized that could travel with him wherever he goes and didn’t require a landline.  His iPhone isn’t fulfilling that need right now.

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