Twitter Aps

It isn’t super original, but I am going to cover the top 5 most popular Twitter applications. I figure you gotta know the basics first, right?

  • Twitpic lets you share photos on Twitter. You can post from your phone, the Twitter site, or their API
  • Tweetdeck apparently keeps you in contact across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and “more” all at once. From one page, you can update your social networking sites, send your Twitter Pictures, manage multiple Twitter accounts, and organize groups.
  • With a similar concept to the Tweetdeck, Disgby allows you to see e-mail, IM and social networking.
  • Twitterfeed links your blog to Twitter. It automatically turns your blog entry into a tweet.
  • Twitterholic is a Twitter ranking site in which the most popular Twitter-ers are tracked and ranked.

So, most of these, Twitterdeck, Digsby and Twitterfeed are essentially about multitasking. This makes sense to me. I don’t have time to social network…not even one network….much less use the wealth of tools that I am learning are out there. Having to repost to all of the various networks, blog and then follow it up with a tweet…well, I’d think it would get old.

I have a couple of reasons that I might be looking into (getting over myself and) using these sorts of tools more and more. For one, my husband is an artist. He is a woodworker making mostly furniture and the occasional boat and then other commissions that take him into other mediums than wood. I have started to blog a bit for my husband’s business as we don’t always have nice professional photos to update the website with. We do simple posts that are time consuming enough for me. But I can imagine if we expand his online presence that I will want to consolidate. We are also about to start a small company with our friends (a green coffee roasting business – organic, fair trade, bird friendly, etc). The first draft of the business plan is just about done…so we will see how useful all of this is for us when we get online stage of our business development.

Oh – and a note on the Twitpic….that actually sounds a little addicting and I don’t have time to expound on the uses..but I could see potential. While on the other end of the spectrum, Twitterholic (much like that Google Trend gadget) just seems like a dangerous waste of my time.


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