Interesting Annoying Legitimate?

So I have broken down the twitter uses that I have found into those that are interesting, those that annoy me and those that might actually have a valid purpose.
Twitter as a tool for social change is intriguing.  A (student) journalist was in Egypt and had the idea to report on a protest of the government.  He was promptly arrested at which point he quickly Twittered “ARRESTED” which spread across many countries to the people had the power and the interest in getting him out of jail.  It was quite effective.  Of course, then there are the more publicized exploits of the citizen journalists in repressive China and the role of Twitter as a link to the outside world in Iranian protests.
Making new friends – seriously?
Notify customers – Businesses aren’t going to send you a twitter once a month….it is going to be much more often…much more often.  I can’t think of any product I care enough about to interrupt my life full of actual people that I care about and care about me. 
Read News – I find the idea of synopsizing stories into 140 characters insulting.  That is not a legitimate story in which you come away understanding both sides.  It is a tool for spreading only the portions of news you want people to know.  I think that is dangerous.   So I guess this is a headline that links to a story?    Not interested.  I have plenty of sources for that in every format I could want.
There are all sorts of things here that maybe sorta might be legitimate: find prospects, take notes, set up meetings, etc.  But I have yet to figure out why Twitter is key in any of these things.

But frankly, I might not be the target market.  I have tried to give it a chance.  I mean if Dan Schorr can adapt…I should be able to.  But, I can’t think of anything that I want to know about right away.  My life is so busy and over scheduled that frivolous interruptions annoy me.  If I am interrupted, it had better be by the sweet sounds of my husband, my mom or dad or one of my friends….again those actual human beings that are a part of my life and want to have real interactions with me as an individual and not as part of some silly mass communication tool.


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