Meet Twitter

The help section starts with a How To video.  I was first introduced to How To videos through the apple iPhone app they have.  One of the features on the particular app is Shake it Baby.  Upon shaking the iPhone, the app shows you a video at random.  The first thing I learned was How to Look Hot Coming Out of the Ocean.  Then came the more applicable, Changing a Light Switch.  It is a very entertaining and informative 107 seconds. 
The How To Video provides the Twitter basics without any pesky reading.  Sadly, here you must read…but don’t worry they are all in Twitter format.
  • Twitter is a way to broadcast your thoughts to an audience in 140 characters or less.
  • Generally Twitter is used to ask the question “What are you doing?”
  • Once you have set up your Twitter account, simply enter your note, and hit update to publicize your thoughts.
  • To limit your Twitter to an individual, type @username and the message.
  • Follow others by using the Find People and Search to find individuals, organizations, or topics that suit your fancy.
  • Like so many other applications today, you can import your contacts to efficiently annoy your friends.
  • Updating your account information will help your stalkers find you.
  • On the flipside, you can block non-followers from reading your thoughts.
  • Because Twitter is a cute, catchy craze, naturally you can set a background to, again, suit that fancy.

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