An RSS feed, you say?

So, when I went to do my homework this week, my first question was:  What is an RSS feed?  Well, it stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.  Don’t worry, that doesn’t explain anything for me either.  So really, what is it?  It is the link to another site that pulls in and displays information that is updated frequently.  It is what allows you to look to the right at my list of fellow classmates and see what their most recent post is entitled.    If you have a Google account and have spent time compiling an incredibly distracting, time sucking iGoogle page, then it would be what populates the page.  It is that assortment of your favorite news feeds and the latest recipe from  It is a lot of the stuff available from your Add Stuff button.

A Prairie Home Distraction
On a side note, while typing up my this blog post, I took a look at my iGoogle page only to see that Google Hot Trends was saying that Garrison Keillor is currently the second most Googled topic right now.  For those of you who know who Mr. Keillor is….well, he is no Anna Kournikova or Kanye West.   He doesn’t say things like “George Bush hates black people” that shoot a person to the top of a Google list.  So, I had to know.  I was sucked into the vortex of news stories….and for those interested:  Garrison had a minor stroke.  He is in the hospital but is expected to be out Friday.

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