Welcome to my very first blog. As an introductory blog, it only seems appropriate to give a brief who, what, when, where and why. So here you have it:

  • Who: Rebecca Osborne, your fellow MIT student
  • What: A place on the internet to ponder the capabilities, the components and the wonders that are the internet.
  • When: Weekly from now up through the middle of December
  • Where: Right here at
  • Why: To simply be better at what I do everyday. Like all of us, I am here to further my career, feed myself, pay my mortgage, buy pretty things…..

I am a member of the segment of the class that does not come equipped with a technical background. As I pick my way through not just this course but the program, I suspect that my posts and presentations will sometimes lean to the oversimplification of concepts as I work to build a strong technical foundation.

I’d also like to point out that I am already motivated by my fellow classmates. In our first IT class, one of my groups was a clump of other “non-technicals”. When given the Network Layer of the OSI Model to review, discuss and then explain to the class, my group did not get overwhelmed by the technical jargon. Instead they picked through and searched each word they didn’t understand to breakdown the definition into something intelligible. I’ll be remembering that persistence each time I find myself staring at sentences that I don’t understand over the next two years. So, thanks Patrice, Courtney and Ali.


One response to “greenhorn

  1. Great start to the blog. I'm hoping that you like using it so much that you'll want to continue it after the class is over. Feel free to post whatever you want even though only one post a week is required.

    I find that brief, more frequent blogs posts are easier to do than infrequent long ones.


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